[OpenAFS] OpenAFS-1.4.0-rc6 on OpenSSI

Ron Croonenberg ronc@depauw.edu
Thu, 13 Oct 2005 12:42:09 -0500

I have OpenAFS-1.4.0-rc6 working on OpenSSI-1.2.2 (somewhat).

I was surprised by how very few changes were actually needed to make it
work. (took some time to find out though)

I had to :
- Add 2 lines to "MakefileProto.LINUX.in" for a symbolic link to some
  header files in the  clusterkernel source tree that were needed for
  compiling it.
- Add 13 lines (in ifdef's) to osi_groups.c
- Add 4 lines (in ifdef's) to mach_dep.h

Anyway, I can start the OpenAFS client. The problem I ran into is that
the afs cell can only be seen from the node that the OpenAFS client was
started on. (basically you can only see stuff in /afs when on the the
same node as where AFS was started on)

I tried to have the OS mount/propagate /afs so it can be seen from other
nodes, but that doesn't seem to work.

Next thing I tried (I hope no one tells me this is a really bad idea)
was to start the afs client on all nodes. So far that seems to work
without any trouble, everything in /afs can be seen on all nodes.

Problem with this approach is that you can see a volume everywhere, but
when you use klog you can only access it from the node where klog was
used. So I used klog on all nodes, and that seemed to work.
(basically meaning one needs a token on every node)

Now I am wondering if one and the same token can be used on every node,
and...  how to "get it there".
Next step is probably going to be to how solve the authentication for
loging in to the cluster.

any ideas/tips etc ?