[OpenAFS] OS X 10.4.2 Deployment Problems

Mike Bydalek mbydalek@contentconnections.com
Mon, 17 Oct 2005 08:54:00 -0700


This may be because I'm not a "Mac guy," but I'm having some issues 
distributing packages built from CVS on 10.4.2.  On a system with 
10.4.2, I used Xcode to compile everything and build the packages, but 
as soon as I install the resulting package on a different system with 
10.4.2, the afsd isn't able to run.

In the configure-libafs file, I see an entry for 
"powerpc-apple-darwin8.0*)" but 10.4.2 is 8.2.  It may or may not 
matter, but I just find it interesting.

I'm also going to try and deploy this to 10.3.9 (7.9) installs, and the 
highest entry is "powerpc-apple-darwin7.5*)"

The odd this is that on the machine I built OpenAFS on, it works 
perfectly.  So I would assume that OpenAFS 1.4 has no problems with 
10.4.2, so then is it my Xcode that's allowing it to run, or did I 
forget something in building the packages for deployment?

All I did was:

./configure --with-krb5-conf=/usr/bin/krb5-config 
make packages (as root)