[OpenAFS] afs-client on W2K Terminalservers

W. Aufsattler aufsattler@rz.uni-mannheim.de
Fri, 28 Oct 2005 12:38:04 +0200

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we have a strange problem with afsd on our Windows 2003-Terminalservers.
I guess it isn't a bug but maybe we have overseen something.

We run several Windows 2003-Terminalservers with Citrix for a pool with 120 Thin-Clients.
Home-directories (and profiles) are in AFS-Land and are accessed via the openafs 1.3.87 
client installed on the terminalservers.

Everything is fine as long as there are less than (28-30) users logged in on one server.
Above that "limit" we notice that newly logged in users don't get their Home-directories
connected and fs checkservers says that probably the afs-service isn't running (which is not true).
At the same time users that were logged in earlier have full access to their Home-dirs.

Since there seem to be no limits on the maximum number of concurrent users in the windows afs-client 
I wonder what the problem is. Has anyone seen similar problems and knows a solution ?

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