[OpenAFS] Release of Kvibille - ACL editor for Gnome

Mårten Svantesson msv+kvibille@kth.se
Fri, 28 Oct 2005 18:22:53 +0200

I'd like to announce the first release of an AFS ACL extension for
Gnome's file manager Nautilus. The ACL editor will turn up as a tab in
the properties dialog of a directory in AFS.

Kvibille 0.1 can be found through various means:


Release notes:

It requires gtkmm 2.4 to compile. It can be run as a stand alone
appliacation, but to use it as a Nautilus extension you need Nautilus
extensions library, which was first released with Gnome 2.10.

It works best when compiled with kafs/krbafs. It can make use of the
"fs la" and "fs sa" commands instead, though this is not as thoroughly

When coding I started out from Eiciel 0.8.4, a POSIX ACL editor from

Unfortunately you can not have Eiciel and Kvibille installed as
Nautilus extensions at the same time, since this cause Nautilus to
hang. Hopefully I will figure out how soon...

It haven't got any web page, cvs repository or bugzilla yet. Neither
is the name fixed. The current name follows the naming convention of
Arla: "Swedish dairy business". Kvibille is dairy making excellent
cheese; their cheddar is my favourite. It is owned by Arla. But since
there is no requirement to use Kvibille with Arla I might change the
name in the future.



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