[OpenAFS] sanity check please.

Pucky Loucks ploucks@h2st.com
Sat, 3 Sep 2005 16:50:33 -0700

Hi everyone, I've been playing with openafs for a couple of months  
now and I'm just wanting some to sanity checks of my idea of an AFS  

I'm wanting to build a scalable system that will have millions of  
images stored on a file system.  (this is where AFS comes in)  It  
looks to me like AFS is able to deal with scaling the partitions and  
volumes i.e. total storage.  In the end I could have terabytes of  
data. Still my belief is that AFS can handle it.  My concern is that  
I want to replicate the data so that I have some redundancy, AFS can  
handle this too.

1) Is this going to become a huge management issue?

2) If I end up getting 5 thousand images a day would I want it to be  
in it's own volume so I could replicate each "day"?

3) what's the recommend max size for a volume?

4) These files will be served via apache is that an issue? (my  
understanding is it's not)

Hope someone can help shed some light on my subject. :)

Pucky Loucks