[OpenAFS] Amanda-afs

Jose Calhariz jose.calhariz@tagus.ist.utl.pt
Wed, 7 Sep 2005 01:06:47 +0100

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On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 07:37:31PM -0400, Rob See wrote:
> >Have you tried to compile it on OpenAFS 1.3.81?  I had problems and
> >got the ideia it is abandoned or no one use it.
> >
> >=20
> >
> I've been using it in production at my site for a year and a half or so.=
> Attached are a couple patches I had to apply to get it to work. Parts=20
> are site specific, and I'm not a programmer so I can't explain why any=20
> of the changes were necessary/work. The segf patch may not be necessary=
> to apply, but it fixed a segfault I had while running it under Gentoo.
> -Rob

Your patch seams to be very interesting.  When I haad more free time I
will give it a shot and post here the results.  Thanks.  More people
is using it?

    Jos=E9 Calhariz

Por que ser=E1 que apertamos os bot=F5es do controle remoto com mais for=E7=
a quando a pilha est=E1 fraca?

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