[OpenAFS] setting UDP timeouts without ipchains

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
Sun, 11 Sep 2005 11:08:01 -0400

IPChains is an old, (linux 2.2?) firewall method.
There is no soft way to set UDP timeouts on Linux 2.4,
and on 2.6 I don't know whether it's still hard-coded
or has been reverted back to a user-controllable timeout.
Regardless, the setting would either be via iptables,
not ipchains, or it would be a /proc setting.

But if it's hard-coded you would need to rebuild the kernel.
I haven't looked at 2.6 to see which it is.


Manfred Lau <manfredcml@yahoo.com> writes:

> This error appears a short while after I start 
> the afs client on a fedora core 4 machine.
> bash: cd: ..: Connection timed out
> I've seen the same error in previous posts, but
> the solution was to use /sbin/ipchains to set
> the UDP timeout to be > 10 minutes.
> But there's no such /sbin/ipchains executable.
> Any other way to solve this problem?
> Thanks.

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