[OpenAFS] OpenAFS client on Windows

Rahul S srahul@gmail.com
Tue, 13 Sep 2005 20:15:12 +0530

    I have setup a OpenAFS (1.3.87) server on my linux box. I also
have a KDC (MIT's krb-1.3.5) running on another linux box. The KDC
accepts *only* V5 requests. I am able to access the volumes from a
linux box (afsd ... kinit ... aklog) without any problem. Now I am
trying to access the volumes from a windows-2000 box. I have installed
the OpenAFS client for windows (1.3.87) - only the AFS client ... no
other component. But I am having trouble setting up the client. I want
the MIT KDC to be the *only* authentication server in the network. Is
it possible to have the afsd_server and aklog lookup my Kerberos V5
KDC to get AFS tokens like on linux ? Or is there any V4 - V5 problem
for the Windows client ? I think the client may be trying to talk to a
(non-existant) 'kaserver'.


-Rahul S.