[OpenAFS] To read a file from a directory whose ACL is r-l (read permission but no lookup permission)

acemi acemi@spymac.com
Tue, 13 Sep 2005 21:56:00 +0300

Jeffrey and Frank
thank you for your quick replies

 > AFAIK this is not possible but why would you want to do that? It's
 > "Security throug Oscurity" (aka "The Windows Way" ;-) ).

 > A wise man once said, "Security through obscurity is worse than no
 > security at all".

I want that my windows users can access the files through a custom 
application, not directly. And I think that if I prevent users to browse 
the directory and only the custom application knows the names of files, 
it'll be OK.

But as you say, this is not a good solution, so I try to find another 
solution. My new solution is to run my application with RunAs in a 
sandbox. This application access the files in AFS cache as a special 
user. I want to ask that the administrator of the windows machine can 
access the files in AFS cache which belongs to this special user when 
the application is running?