[OpenAFS] Windows compatibility issues (client 1.4.0003)

asanka@secure-endpoints.com asanka@secure-endpoints.com
Tue, 20 Sep 2005 19:31:57 -0400

> (A) A Unix vs Windows compatibility issue.  The URL format
>     file:///afs/@cell/...
> works OK under Unix.  It would be nice if it did under 
> Windows.  (I complained about this in July 2001.  Sorry for 
> repeating myself...)  I note that throwing two extra slashes
>     file://///afs/@cell/...
> gives something that DOES work with Unix and Windows (IE and Firefox).
> However the five consecutive slashes seems like a bad case of 
> stuttering.

Unfortunately, this is not something we can fix.  This happens when invoking
any UNC name from a file URI, not just \\afs\cell.

> (B) A Windows vs Windows compatibility issue.  The open file 
> dialog in MS Office 2000 does not understand the \\afs\@cell 
> notation.  If I make a entry in My Network Places to my home 
> directory in AFS, I can double click office documents there 
> and open them successfully, edit them, and save them.  
> However, if I try to use "Save As" to save them under a 
> different name and navigate to the same folder from the file 
> dialog I get "The network name 
> \\AFS\lss.sarnoff.com\u\ckarney could not be found."
> However the \\afs\all\@cell notation DOES work in this case.  Other
> (newer?) applications (e.g., Acrobat v 6) work OK with or 
> without the "all".  Is the problem that MS Office 2000 is too 
> old?  Why is the "all"
> necessary in this case?

This might be a result of AFS not handling a request that MS Office 2000 is
triggering.  Could you run Sysinternals FileMon and let us know which
requests are failing?  Please also include an AFS trace log (run 'fs trace
-on' before invoking the file open dialog in MS Office 2000, and 'fs trace
-dump' afterwards).  The log file is in "%WINDIR%\Temp\afsd.log".  You can
send these to openafs-bugs@openafs.org.

FileMon can be downloaded from


Asanka Herath