[OpenAFS] vol release atomic?

Pucky Loucks ploucks@h2st.com
Thu, 22 Sep 2005 17:11:53 -0700

if I release a volume is the release process atomic?

for example:

fs-one   /vicepa     myvol
fs-one   /vicepa     myvol.readonly
fs-two   /vicepa      myvol.replica

what I'm wanting to do is have apache sever a site from afs, and  
since I have a readonly on both fileserver  apache will be more or  
less always serving the files from it's cache.   what I like about  
this is I can put a new site in the write/read volume and apache will  
still server the old site until I release the volume.  My main  
question is will apache serve from it's cache until the whole  
replication has finished? My understanding is that once the volume  
has completed the replication the call back is on the whole volume.

the replica/clone on fs-one will probably be complete on it's self  
faster than on fs-two. Is that right or is the call back to tell the  
clients that their cache is old done once all replicas are finished.

Pucky Loucks