[OpenAFS] Trouble compiling 1.4rc4 SRPM

Christopher Allen Wing wingc@engin.umich.edu
Fri, 23 Sep 2005 15:15:23 -0400 (EDT)


I didn't realize you had put packages up already. (I didn't bother to go 
looking, I only checked out what was linked from the website)

I see you are also supporting Linux 2.4. I didn't bother to put in the 
work since I only cared about deploying RHEL 4.

> Solaris I'll believe.  I'm only looking at Linux.  I don't have any 64-bit
> platforms to test on, only x86.  That's why I missed the res_search issue.  It
> built fine on all my (x86) platforms.

Hmm. I ended up rebuilding all the RPMs from the openafs site in the past 
year because there were no x86_64 packages.

>> I included afs2k5db and fakeka, so that people could test out a
>> server with less effort. (I put them in a separate
>> 'openafs-server-krb5' package, though).
> Yea.  I just decided to ignore those.  I suppose I could try to build and
> install fakeka if people seem to want it.

Well I can see not encouraging people to use fakeka in favor of pure krb5.

If people already are running kaserver and are going to convert to krb5, 
they will probably need the whole kit. I figured I might as well provide 
it, but in a separate package. Otherwise people will just have to build it 
anyway, and they won't have the openafs source tree available like we do 
when the RPM is being built.

> I dont think you need to do the conversion.  It worked just fine for me 
> fromklist -K.  But I DO distribute asetkey in my packages.

Ok. I couldn't remember if bos understood hex or octal.

>> Are you planning on creating/maintaining 'official' OpenAFS 1.4.x
>> RPMs for RHEL 4?
> Yes.  I've already got packages of 1.4.0rc4 up (which is where this all
> started).  I've also incorporated patches to fix the two issues so far
> reported
> here (well, one here and one to me personally)..  And I still have to figure
> out how to rename the module under 2.6  (I want the module named "openafs" but
> somehow the module seems to think its name is "libafs").

Because I'm lazy, I've kind of gotten used to keeping the kernel modules 
in a separate place and not having to upgrade the openafs stuff every time 
a new kernel update comes out.

But since you make the kernel packages their own RPMs it looks fairly easy 
to handle.

I took a quick look at your spec file and it looks like you are packaging 
the 'aklog' from the afs-krb5 kit instead of the one from OpenAFS. I 
packaged the one from the OpenAFS source since it supports rxkad2b, and 
was getting active development.

I would suggest you do the same thing. The only annoying thing about the 
OpenAFS aklog is that it seems to use 2b always; so if you are running 
servers that don't support it then it gives you bad tokens unless you 
explicitly specify -524.

I'm also guessing that the -authlibs package in your RPMs will not install 
properly, due to the ABI naming problem with the shared libraries on 
Linux. I included Russ's patch to fix this:


In my opinion I think this patch either has to be applied, or the shared 
libraries should not be packaged in the RPM. Otherwise they get built with 
inconsistent naming compared to all the other libraries on a redhat 

I'll try to take a look at your packages when I have time this weekend or 
next week. Unfortunately we just deployed 700 machines with 1.4.0-rc1 and 
my RPMs, so I won't get an opportunity to upgrade them for a while.