[OpenAFS] AFS linux-client doesn't suspend?

Michael Heinrich michael@vierpi.de
Wed, 05 Apr 2006 15:39:19 +0200

Michael Heinrich <michael@vierpi.de> writes:

> Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu> writes:
>> 1.4.0 doesn't suspend properly with kernel versions later than 2.6.13 or
>> .14 (I forget exactly which one) due to changes in the kernel
>> refridgerator interface.  1.4.1-rc10 is supposed to work properly, but
>> I've not tested it myself.
> Now I tested 1.4.1-rc10 with 2.6.15-suspend2-r8 (gentoo x86) but it
> doesn't work either.  Logmessages with swsup2 and suspend to ram were

I can't remember what I tested at that time.  But with the following
combinations suspend to ram or suspend2 to disk works:

2.6.12 and AFS 1.4.0
2.6.15 and AFS 1.4.1-rc10
2.6.16 and AFS 1.4.1-rc10