[OpenAFS] Questions about an AFS paper

Pedro Perez pperez@opensourcetechnologies.net
Fri, 07 Apr 2006 00:44:00 -0400

Hello Everyone,
    I just finished reading "An Empirical Study of a Wide-Area 
Distributed File System" by Spasojevic and Satyanarayanan. As many of 
you know, this is an old paper (published in May 1996 in the ACM).

    Spasojevic and Satyanarayanan turned to the xstat facility in order 
to measure AFS's performance. The test lasted two 12-week periods (6 
months total).

    Here are my questions:
        * Has there been a similar data collection effort over the last 
10 years?
        * If there were to be a study, what facility should be used? 
xstat? <xstat's replacement here>?
        * If there were to be a study, would the community be willing to 
participate in such a study?
        * Should the community create/establish a set of 
processes/procedures by which AFS performance/usage' patterns could be 
monitored 'more often' (every 5 years instead of every 10)?
        * Would the community gain anything from a study like that?
        * Why did they used xstat facility to query remote AFS cells, 
instead creating a small xstat program, distributed out to anyone who 
would wanted to participate on the study, and have the program dump 
performance data to the AFS namespace 
(/afs/remote-cell.com/xstat-data-date), and then just crawl the 
namespace? I might be missing something obvious, and if so, please just 
let me know, as I have never used xstat, and I am just starting with AFS.

Thanks in advance,
Pedro Perez