[OpenAFS] delayed write failures with windows client 1.4.0096

Rodney M Dyer rmdyer@uncc.edu
Tue, 11 Apr 2006 12:31:49 -0400

At 10:54 AM 4/11/2006, ted creedon wrote:
>There are delayed write failures when using MS Office products (Excel, MS 
>Access) and other hangups requiring a reboot.

I've also seen these failures from time to time (I'm on 1.4.0 Windows 
client).  Just a completely anecdotal observation seems to suggest that 
this occurs more often when the cache is full, but I cannot verify that.  I 
have the issue also with Visual Studio projects that I work on out of AFS 
from time to time.

I haven't sat down and spent the time to acquire data for debugging.  It's 
just easier to ignore the problem.  The problem hasn't impacted me so far.

>Could someone post a troubleshooting HOWTO on the wiki?

Wiki?  What wiki?  There's no wiki.  (Joking)