[OpenAFS] out-of-sync files in client cache (1.4.0)

Peter Somogyi psomogyi@gamax.hu
Thu, 20 Apr 2006 17:02:32 +0200

On Thursday 20 April 2006 14:59, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> 99.9% of the time when clients do not receive callbacks it is because of
> a firewall or NAT.
AFAIK there's no firewall or NAT on the network between clients and server.

> The clients return in sync after the callback registrations expire and
> are forced to obtain new ones.  You will probably see more interesting
> log messages if you bump the file server log level to 25 or 125.
> Jeffrey Altman
Thank you, we will try it.
I hope "kill -s SIGTSTP <fs pid>" 1-3 times will do the trick during the error 

Peter Somogyi