[OpenAFS] Some backup advice needed.

Steve Devine sdevine@msu.edu
Thu, 20 Apr 2006 11:52:00 -0400

We use the native afs backup. We currently do a full backup of the whole 
cell weekly followed by daily incrementals until we cycle back to Monday 
midnight and start the next full.
As the size of the cell (user vols ) grows our backup window is getting 
way too big. Often it stretches into late Wed before it completes.
 I am wondering how many are doing weekly fulls? I am considering a 
monthly full with incrementals the rest of the month but thats kinda 
scary if maybe your full is not good.

Also I often need to move volumes during the backup time and I am unsure 
how this affects the backups Can anyone tell me whether moving a volume 
in the following scenario will cause the dump to time out for that volume:
Volume is on serverA:
A backup is started on all servers in the cell.
the backup database has listed the volume as being on serverA, however I 
have moved it to serverB before the backup server could get to it. Does 
the volume location server keep track of this and help the backup server 
resolve this or does it just time out and the volume doesn't get backed 
up during this cycle?
I kinda think it doesn't get backed up till next time.
What do you think?


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