[OpenAFS] Re: Some backup advice needed.

Joe Buehler jbuehler@spirentcom.com
Tue, 25 Apr 2006 11:55:31 -0400

Steve Devine wrote:

> We use the native afs backup. We currently do a full backup of the whole
> cell weekly followed by daily incrementals until we cycle back to Monday
> midnight and start the next full.

That's what we do, except that the full happens Sunday morning, and no
incremental until Tuesday morning.

> As the size of the cell (user vols ) grows our backup window is getting
> way too big. Often it stretches into late Wed before it completes.
> I am wondering how many are doing weekly fulls? I am considering a
> monthly full with incrementals the rest of the month but thats kinda
> scary if maybe your full is not good.

We have AFS dump to disk and then use Legato to write to tape.
I don't remember the exact number, but there are something like
10 parallel saves to Legato going at any particular time on any
given server.  It takes maybe 12 hours for our biggest server.

> Also I often need to move volumes during the backup time and I am unsure
> how this affects the backups Can anyone tell me whether moving a volume
> in the following scenario will cause the dump to time out for that volume:
> Volume is on serverA:

I just did a volume move during backup recently and ended up losing the
volume.  Needless to say I won't be doing that again any time soon.
Joe Buehler