[OpenAFS] RedHat Itanium kernel module naming convention

John W. Sopko Jr. sopko@cs.unc.edu
Tue, 01 Aug 2006 13:01:53 -0400

Derek Atkins wrote:
> I don't have an itanium or any way to test the RPMS on such a
> platform.
> Just so I understand what you're saying, you need to use the
> openafs.o kernel module from the openafs-kernel-smp RPM on
> your system?

Yes and it seems to work fine. I install the openafs-kernel
module and then replace the openafs.o file with the
one that got built and put in the openafs-kernel-smp

> Is there such a thing as a non-SMP itanium RHEL3 system?

If you mean a single processor system then yes. Both
mine happen to be duals. In the information I could find
Red Hat says that any smp kernel "should" run on a single
processor system. My guess is they the made one build of
the itanium processor kernel for both single and multi
processor systems. Red Hat only supplies one kernel.

 From what I have read the Itanium is a dead product for
desktop systems. HP quit making desktop/workstations
and only sells servers. Not sure how important the Itanium
is going to be. Hope to get off ours in the next year
or so.

If you are interested I can give you access to one of
the Itanium machines to play with. One of the machines
is a backup for the other machine that is in production.

> -derek
> "John W. Sopko Jr." <sopko@cs.unc.edu> writes:
>> I have 2 old HP Itanium workstations I need to maintain. They were
>> running OpenAFS 1.2.13. They run Red Hat Enterprise 3. I needed to
>> patch the things and decided to build OpenAFS 1.4.1.
>> I installed the OpenAFS src.rpm and the build went fine. I installed
>> the rpms fine. But there is some confusion with the kernel names on Red
>> Hat Enterprise for the Itanium. RHEL3 only comes with a "kernel" rpm,
>> no "kernel-smp" rpm. The itanium only come with the multiprocessor
>> rpm called "kernel." My machines have 2 processors and they are both
>> running, according to the top command and the /proc/cpuinfo file.
>> Of course I searched Red Hats site and the internet and could not find any 
>> info on this topic.
>> I installed the kernel-source rpm, the OpenAFS rpmbuild creates an
>> openafs-kernel and a openafs-kernel-smp module.
>> If I install the openafs-kernel rpm the module loads
>> fine but the afsd complains on startup:
>> afsd: Error -1 in basic initialization
>> rpm will complain if I try to install openaf-kernel-smp becuase of a
>> kernel-smp dependency. Even if I force the install the module will not
>> get loaded because the /lib/modules/2.4.21-47.ELsmp/ dir will not contain
>> the proper kernel-smp config files because there is no
>> kernel-smp module tree.
>> Anyway, I used rpm2cpio to extract the openafs-kernel-smp
>> openafs.o module and replaced the openafs-kernel module shown below.
>> The afsd and cache manager seems to work fine.
>> /lib/modules/2.4.21-47.EL/kernel/fs/openafs/openafs.o
>> Just wondering if someone can shed some light on this subject.
>> That is the configuration not so much the error. I understand the
>> openafs-kernel-smp has to be used with the kernel-smp else you get
>> the error.

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