[OpenAFS] DB servers: simultaneous use of 2 OpenAFS versions

Frederic Gilbert Frederic.Gilbert@inria.fr
Mon, 07 Aug 2006 13:47:42 +0200


We have 3 DB servers to upgrade, hardware + OS + OpenAFS (1.2.13 to 1.4.1).
These upgrades imply moving the data volumes out of the old server, 
doing hardware and software install, and moving the data back into the 
new server.
I estimate that upgrading one server could take about 3 days (most of it 
used for transfers), and I can upgrade only one at a time (spare room 
for moved data).

This means that, during about 10 days, DB servers with 2 different 
versions of OpenAFS will have to cohabit (1 x 1.4.1 and 2 x 1.2.13, then 
2 x 1.4.1 and 1 x 1.2.13, before the final 3 x 1.4.1).

Once upon a time, AFS documentation said that all DB servers must run 
the same AFS version, and so that they should be upgraded in the 
shortest lapse of time.
Is this still true? Is the above 10 days cohabitation possible, or what 
are the problems likely to arise?

Thanks for your help,
Frederic Gilbert.