[OpenAFS] UNIX SysAdmin/Programmer Position Available

Rodney M Dyer rmdyer@uncc.edu
Wed, 09 Aug 2006 22:24:47 -0400

Posted:  June 23,2006
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

IT Operation & System Specialist for the College of Engineering Computer 
Engineering Group (Mosaic Computing)

The College of Engineering's computing group is responsible for the 
development and operation of the networked computing resources within the 
college. The computer environment is referred to as Mosaic 
Computing.   Details about  Mosaic Computing are available 
in  http://www.coe.uncc.edu/mosaic/ Mosaic Computing  supports  faculty and 
staff desktop systems, student laboratories, electronic classrooms, and 
distance learning environments. The Mosaic Computing group installs and 
maintains hardware, operating systems, productivity software, and 
engineering applications; and, provides user support through a staff of 
student workers.  The college also supports similar computing systems for 
several academic departments and support units outside of engineering. In 
total, the group is responsible for over 1100 UNIX, Linux and Windows XP 
systems, over 2300 users and more than 250 applications including numerous 
state of the art engineering applications supporting research and education.

This position has the following responsibilities:

1.  Support the College of Engineering  heterogeneous networked 
client/server environment that involve the Unix and Linux Operating System. 
This includes managing all aspects of upgrades to system level software, 
and development of custom systems to support network installation and 
management of software.

2.  Coordinate UNIX and Linux development with the corresponding efforts to 
integrate Windows systems into the college's computing environment, and the 
ongoing development of the underlying infrastructure, common user 
interface, file systems, and utilities

3.  Installation management of the college's engineering applications 
software.  Packaging the application using the package process associated 
with the OS. Configuring the License Management for the Engineering 

4.  Interface with faculty, staff and students to provide technical support 
on applications.

Required experience:

1.  Unix and Linux Operating System internals (drivers, process management, 
task management, remote management, update management).

2.  Software installation methods and strategies under Windows, Linux and Unix.

3.  Andrew File Systems (AFS) internals (volume management, file 
management, cache management)

4.  Kerberos Authentication internals (encryption, authentication, secure 
service offering)

5.  Networking protocols (IP, TCP, UDP, RPC)

Required skills:

1.  Programming skills in scripting, C or C++ language,  web 
interfacing  to perform development of applications, utilities, and system 
modules for Unix and Linux using software languages such as  C, C++, Visual 
Basic, C#, Java, Perl and scripting languages.

2.  Strong technical and interpersonal skills when working with the College 
faculty and staff.

3.  Able to communicate effectively (oral and written) with faculty and 
students in a support role of applications software and system issues.

4.  Customer focus in resolving problems in a timely fashion.

5.  Work independently, manage complicated projects, solve complex problems 
and work with users of a variety of skill levels.

Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a degree 
in Computer Science and 3 years experience in UNIX systems programming, or 
an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Please submit your resume directly to:

Jack M. Stein
Assistant Dean and Director of Engineering Computing
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
226 Cameron Research Center
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28223
412-848-6534 (cell)
704-687-2352 (fax)