[OpenAFS] OpenAFS vs NFSv4 (linux)

David Werner david.werner@iws.uni-stuttgart.de
Tue, 15 Aug 2006 16:21:41 +0200

Dear List,

Now it seems that NFSv4 seems to be included in the standard linux-kernel and
the larger distributors turn it on or even apply their own patches
to keep it current.
I cant say much about the quality of their current state,
except that to me it seems quite new.
I wonder why they did not support OpenAFS as "product" is much longer
available in pretty good working state on the market.
Maybe licensing issues or dislikeness of stable binary interfaces
of the the kernel-developers?  What does the folklore say?
(Any links, or likely i should more of the developer list)
To the conservative admin it is clear that something which supports
the distributor is in favour to something where one has to put up
own work to get it running.  So I now have to argue against my
colleagues which say with every patched version of kernel one has to build
up afs again, which seems to be true.