[OpenAFS] Further TransArc -> OpenAFS musings/planning

Andrew Bacchi bacchi@rpi.edu
Wed, 16 Aug 2006 15:24:33 -0400


I chose your #2 method of moving my DB servers (4), over the course of a few
weeks during the summer of 04.  I believe both methods has merits and I'll
wager you won't have trouble in any case.

The only caveat with method #1 is if you've made some mistake in the
configuration of one DB server, than you've likely made that same mistake in
all your DB servers and none of them will work.  

I would bring down 1 server, replace it with the new, test the
configuration, and then proceed to bring down the remaining machines.  That
way the DB files will automatically be copied to the new replacement server
from the running machines.

It's really quite a simple matter.  Good luck.

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> 1) Bring all the old servers down.  Copy over DB & others files to new
> systems.  Swap in the new systems IP/hostname wise & bring them back up.

> 2) Bring in the new DB servers, one at a time, and phase out the old ones,
> one at a time.