[OpenAFS] access control lists

Todd M. Lewis Todd_Lewis@unc.edu
Mon, 21 Aug 2006 15:45:23 -0400

Daniel Miller wrote:
> Is there a way to do fs setacl recursively?
> -Daniel

Here's a recursive "fs sa" for afs using xargs:

   find . -noleaf -type d -print0 | xargs -0 -n 2 fs sa -acl XX YY -dir

A few things to notice:

* -noleaf in AFS makes find do the Right Thing at the root of volumes.

* -print0 instead of -print makes find do the Right Thing wrt names with 
spaces and other weird characters that we normally eschew.

* The "-0" makes xargs do the Right Thing wrt find's "-print0". (They 
were literally made for each other.)

* The "2" after "-n" could be 20 or 50 or whatever. I made it small just 
to make sure it was doing the Right Thing in limiting the number of 
parameters it tried to do on each command.

* The "normal" order of "-dir" and "-acl" has been reversed so that 
"-dir" is on the end. This lets xargs put a bunch of directories on the 
end as the last parameters.

* The "XX" and "YY" are supposed to be the principal and the 
permissions, respectively (like "daniel" and "write").

* This still makes the mistake of traversing AFS volume mount points, 
which can lead to iniquity.
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