[OpenAFS] OpenAFS vs NFSv4 (linux)

Lars Wilke lw@root-home-bla-stuff.de
Thu, 24 Aug 2006 15:40:31 +0200

* David Werner wrote:
> I wonder why they did not support OpenAFS as "product" is much longer
> available in pretty good working state on the market.

Well, at least in Debian and ScientificLinux OpenAFS is available.
For others i don't know.

> Maybe licensing issues or dislikeness of stable binary interfaces
> of the the kernel-developers?  What does the folklore say?

The IBM Public License is incompatible with GPLv2 AFAIK
That seems to be whole reason. Once i have read that there was a plan
to create a kernel module which could have a compatible license,
so the kernel module could be included in the mainline kernel,
but never heard of that idea again.

I guess man power ...

> To the conservative admin it is clear that something which supports
> the distributor is in favour to something where one has to put up
> own work to get it running.  So I now have to argue against my
> colleagues which say with every patched version of kernel one has to build
> up afs again, which seems to be true.

As one poster stated already, you might have to rebuild the kernel module.
But that can easily be captured in a rpm/deb script.
At least with rpm you could use a trigger script for that.

On the other side using bleeding edge NFSv4 code might not be the most
exciting thing for a conservative sysadmin btw ...