[OpenAFS] Fw: drbd or nbd with openafs?

Lars Wilke lw@root-home-bla-stuff.de
Thu, 24 Aug 2006 15:48:04 +0200


* Benko wrote:
> I'm currently trying to set up a testcluster with heartbeat, drbd and a
> openafs-fileserver. Heartbeat and drbd are running beautifully, but
> setting up the openafs failover seems to be quite difficult.
> [...]
> Finally - do you still use the same method for the openafs-failover? Or
> have you found better ways to do it?
> It would be great to hear from you!

eh i would really be interested in how you solved the fileserver failover.
If you don't mind would you share your solution i.e. describing what you
have setup and done to get such a scenario working.

Thanks a lot