[OpenAFS] openafs-1.4.2rc1 FileLog errors?: pr_getCPS failed

Mike Polek mike@pictage.com
Tue, 29 Aug 2006 23:20:55 -0700

I downloaded openafs-1.4.2rc1, created the source RPM for it,
and built all the other RPMs in the usual way from the source RPM.
I installed the fileserver on a couple new servers, and I'm seeing
these funny messages in the FileLog:

Tue Aug 29 22:59:03 2006 pr_GetCPS failed(267269) for user 3, host
Tue Aug 29 23:00:02 2006 pr_GetCPS failed(267269) for user 520, host
Tue Aug 29 23:12:21 2006 pr_GetCPS failed(267269) for user 5, host

 From what I can gather, it's telling me that there is a
"permission denied" error. I'm pretty sure I should not
be getting this error. In particular, user 5 is supposed
to have appropriate access for the volumes the user with
that token should be accessing...  and everything was
fine until I added copies of the readonly volumes I use
for booting to the new servers. (user 5 is a token only
used while a machine is booting).

Does anybody know if there are issues with the fileserver/PTS
communication with 1.4.2rc1? Any reason why the ptserver
would really lie and say that my boot user doesn't have
permission to access my boot volumes?

Any/all assistance is appreciated, and if you need more
information, please ask.


Mike Polek
Pictage, Inc.