[OpenAFS] re-releasing/removing an offline readonly volume under 1.4.1

Mike Polek mike@pictage.com
Wed, 30 Aug 2006 10:00:00 -0700

Hello, all,
   I know this is a known bug, but I couldn't find the specific
fix in the archives. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

I have a server that only has readonly volumes. It's running FC5 Linux,
AFS 1.4.1. A few of the volumes will not release properly.

Output from vos release command:

Failed to start a transaction on the RO volume.
Volume needs to be salvaged
The volume 538271995 could not be released to the following 1 sites:
                       hostname.pictage.com /vicepa
VOLSER: release could not be completed
Error in vos release command.
VOLSER: release could not be completed

In the VolserLog:

Wed Aug 30 09:51:32 2006 VAttachVolume: Error reading smallVnode vol header 
/vicepa/V0538271996.vol; error=101
Wed Aug 30 09:51:32 2006 VAttachVolume: Error attaching volume 
/vicepa/V0538271996.vol; volume needs salvage; error=101

After attempting to salvage the volume--
In the SalvageLog:

08/30/2006 09:53:51 538271996 is a read-only volume; not salvaged

after vos zap --force, the volume appears to go away, but any attempt
to addsite it back and re-release results in the same issue. Apparently
the zap isn't really cleaning the whole thing up. Is there an easy way
to get things back to a clean state? or do I need to wait until
1.4.2 becomes stable? I tried upgrading, but can't due to different
bug in 1.4.2rc1.


Michael Polek
Manager of System Operations
Pictage, Inc.
1580 Francisco Street, Ste. 101
Torrance, CA 90501