[OpenAFS] AFS on FreeBSD 6.1

Jerold McAllister jerrymc@msu.edu
Wed, 30 Aug 2006 17:18:47 -0400


I am attempting to install an OpenAFS 1.4.2-rc1 client on my machine which
is running FreeBSD 6.1.  I don't need a server as I am in a well
established cell. 

I understand that OpenAFS is now supported on FreeBSD - at least up to
FreeBSD version 6.0 (6.1 shouldn't be much different).  But, I can't find
anything in the OpenAFS website documentation that tells how to do the
install and setup. 

In the README included with the distribution, it mentions FreeBSD 6.0 and
has an identifier (i386_fbsd_60) for it.  I did the configure, make and
make install and those things seemed to work and created files and put
them in appropriate places for FreeBSD.  But, the README stops at building
and installing and does not include anything about setting it up and
running it. 

I have tried to follow the general documentation on the web site and a
little of those for LINUX, but am still unsuccessful in getting a client
to work.   Starting afsd results in a core dump.  Using -verbose results
in messages looking like it is happily figuring out cache, etc until
it core dumps with "BAd system call but doesn't say what it is. 

  afsd: My home cell is 'msu.edu'
  afsd: chunkSize autotuned to 19
  afsd: cacheStatEntries autotuned to 2929
  Bad system call (core dumped) 

I expect I have left something out or done something wrong during one
or more of the steps, such as I did not add any kernel config changes.
(I also made up the identifier:   i386_fbsd_61  for the config but it
didn't seem to kill anything)
But since I don't have a good step-by-step guide, I am not sure what I
might have missed. 

So, what I am hoping for is documentation including a step-by-step guide
similar to those for some other OS-en on the web site for building and
installing and setting up and running OpenAFS on FreeBSD - since it
is now claimed to be supported. 

If such already exists, please someone point me to it.
Otherwise, can someone help me with enough information to get a
basic client going.   My old gateway in to AFS is being nuked tomorrow. 

Thanks for any help anyone can give,
This is somewhat new territory for me. 

////jerry    Jerry McAllister    jerrymc@msu.edu