[OpenAFS] rxkad error=19270410 on AIX 5.3, openafs 1.4.2

Steve Roseman sgr0@Lehigh.EDU
Fri, 01 Dec 2006 10:39:42 -0500

I can get a token, but it errors when trying to access AFS filespace:

$ klog
$ tokens

Tokens held by the Cache Manager:

User's (AFS ID 258) tokens for afs@cc.lehigh.edu [Expires Dec  5 17:54]
    --End of list--

$ cd /afs/cc/home/lusgr
$ pwd
afs: Tokens for user of AFS id 258 for cell cc.lehigh.edu are discarded 
(rxkad error=19270410)
$ translate_et 19270410
19270410 (rxk).10 = sealed data inconsistent

AIX 5.3-05, openafs 1.4.2 client, 32-bit kernel on 64-bit pSeries 615.
Servers are linux, openafs 1.4.1, kaserver.  No K5 anywhere.

It gets the same error with the downloaded rs_aix53 binaries and with 
locally-compiled openafs.

Transarc/IBM AIX 5.3 binaries work fine.

Where should I look?  (Try 1.5.xx?)


Stephen G. Roseman
Lehigh University