[OpenAFS] Kernel module on sparc64

Marcus Watts mdw@umich.edu
Thu, 07 Dec 2006 04:03:02 -0500

Gunnar Krull <gklists@cs.uni-goettingen.de> and others wrote:
> > > I think that's the reason why my token gets discarded when trying to
> > > access a  protected folder of our afs filespace:
> > >   afs: Tokens for user of AFS id 1032 for cell ****** are discarded
> > > (rxkad  error=19270410)
> >
> > 19270410 is RXKADSEALEDINCON, which effectively means that either you or
> > the fileserver is not encrypting data correctly.  Usually it means that one
> > of you is using the wrong key, but in this case, there is a known problem
> > on some 64-bit platforms, which should be fixed in the next release.
> The encryption and keys on the server side are correct. I've checked this to 
> be sure that the problem is the client. Sparc64 in combination with 
> Linux/Debian is the only effected architecture here.
> So, I'm waiting impatiently for the fixed release ...

This sounds like it might be the same problem that Steve Roseman
<sgr0@Lehigh.EDU> ran into on powerpc.  In his case, his cache manager
was using wrong-endian encryption right at the point of setting up an
encrypted rx connection with a fileserver, so wasn't in fact capable of
doing authenticated file access.  The definitive proof would be to use
tcpdump & knowledge of the keys used to prove this is what happening,
but you probably won't need to do that.

I would be *very* interested in knowing two things:

/1/ do pts and other userland commands work while using authenticated access
with a token immediately before you access afs filespace and lose that
	( since your error report contains your vice id, this
	seems likely to be true. )

/2/ does this build fix produces a working cache manager for you?

> The "simple" kludge is to just append the line "#define WORDS_BIGENDIAN 1"
> at the end of src/config/afsconfig.h after configuring afs, then at the top do
>         ( cd src/libafs; make clean )
>                 -- if you have old kernel objects in your build tree
>         make only_libafs
>                 -- build just the cache manager
> You can then copy the cache manager pieces to your already existing system.
> Of course you can also build the whole thing.
> Just remember that if you type configure or config.status you'll
> have to patch afsconfig.h again.

If these are both true, then that's good, that means I may actually
have an interesting patch that will help you as well as others shortly.
Also, you'll have a working cache manager, and won't need to be quite
so impatient.  :-)

					-Marcus Watts