[OpenAFS] OpenAFS 1.4.0 and FreeBSD 6.0 on AMD64

Jim Rees rees@umich.edu
Tue, 03 Jan 2006 13:49:18 -0500

Where can I get your param.amd64_fbsd_60.h?

Can you confirm that -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 is only used when building
the kernel module, in src/libafs?  If not, where else?

Can you find out whether the kernel build uses -mpreferred-stack-boundary
and if so what it is set to?  If possible, build a kernel, or at least part
of one, and send me the compilation line.  Something like "make nfs_vnops.o"
should do it.

Also, you forgot to send the compilation line that generated the error
message you are getting.

I'd be very surprised if lwp builds without some more tweaking.