[OpenAFS] listing the obstacles to multiple fileservers on one machine

Adam Megacz megacz@cs.berkeley.edu
Thu, 05 Jan 2006 18:30:17 -0800

> Derrick J Brashear <shadow@dementia.org> writes:
>> You could modify the code for the server processes to support -rxbind.
>> Other people have covered why it's not necessarily what you want, and
>> you aren't likely to find a "cheap" way to serve multiple cells from a
>> single machine.

Actually, now I'm curious.  I'm reading about OpenVZ (single-kernel
solution) and UML/Xen (multikernel).

What are the problems with running multiple servers, assuming I
compiled multiple copies of OpenAFS (with different --prefix=
configure arguments) and somehow managed to get each one to think that
the machine only had one network interface (and each copy saw a
different interface)?

I wouldn't be trying to run the OpenAFS client on such a machine.

  - a

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