[OpenAFS] Fedora4 on G4 mac

Peter Metcalf pmetcalf@nd.edu
Sat, 07 Jan 2006 17:51:54 -0500

I'm used to RedHat and OpenAFS on PCs but I'm going nuts trying to get AFS 
mounted on my new project...Apple G4.

I've tried to build from SRPMS and have ended up with the error that ppc 
platform is not available.  I am not a linux IT person and am not that 
fluent in linux as an O/S.

Here at ND we all run afs as home directories so the need for AFS is the 
ONLY way to go.  If it is not possible on a G4,  I just need to hear it 
from somebody that knows about that problem already....otherwise, I'll keep 

Thanks for any help I can get,