[OpenAFS] Windows Client, quota and filemanager - no warning!

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Mon, 09 Jan 2006 08:03:47 -0800

That doen't help with the copy command. Perhaps MS should be contacted?

This is an aggravating problem, particularly with large filesystems. If 
there was an RxError message from the server the client could pop up a 
message box eventualy.


Jeffrey Altman wrote:
>AFS is made up of volumes.  CIFS file shares are contiguous disks.
>It is not possible to report to Windows a different quantity of
>disk space, free space, etc. on a per directory basis.
>JPSoftware is the only vendor I am aware of that has added OpenAFS
>support to their tools: 4NT and TakeCommand.   JPSoftware calls the
>AFS pioctl() functions to obtain information about the true size of
>volumes, the amount of free space, and quota limitations.
>This is not a bug in OpenAFS.  This is a limitation of the CIFS to
>AFS gateway model used to implement the Windows client that can be
>worked around by application vendors if they choose to support AFS
>as a file system.
>Jeffrey Altman
>Lars Schimmer wrote:
>>One annoying problem with the windows client:
>>It seems not to pass the quota to the filemamagers.
>>E.G.: user a tries to write a 1 GB file to a volume with 400 MB quota.
>>User tries to use totalcommander or xplorer2. After it has copied 400 MB
>>the software shows "transfered 400 MB, 600 MB to go at XYZ MB/sec".
>>The first 400 MB it shows a sustained rate about 3-5 MB/sec. But if the
>>quota is reached it drops down to 0 kb/sec and it waits and waits and
>>waits... Still after some hour it shows up "copy file".
>>Why can't it be so "intelligent" to tell the user "quota is reached, no
>>more space on HD" ?
>>I got the error reports from the users "OpenAFS is buggy, it doesn't
>>work" - just because the quota was reached and NO suitable warning appeared.
>>Client: 1.4.0 final.
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