[OpenAFS] Practical strategies for a backup in a (very) small cell

Klaas Hagemann klaas@northsailor.de
Wed, 11 Jan 2006 12:21:45 +0100


to my point of view it is the best, to do regular volume dumps (vos 
dump) on these external disks, this should be no problem with a little 
bit scripting around.
there is another advantage: using the -localauth option for vos, you can 
perform this action without the need of having tokens.


Jeffrey Hutzelman schrieb:

> On Tuesday, January 10, 2006 12:19:52 PM -0500 Madhusudan Singh 
> <singh.madhusudan@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi
>> With extensive help from Russ and others on this list, I setup our afs
>> cell on  a debian server many months ago, and it has been working out 
>> for
>> us really  well. I have defined backup volumes for every user and bos
>> executes a backup  process every 24 hours at an unearthly hour. However,
>> the backup volume is  located on the same physical disk as the actual
>> user volumes, and thus is  really not a backup.
>> The physical location of the cell server (there is only one machine in
>> this  cell with no plans to add any more) is quite secure. I would like
>> to migrate  the backup volumes onto removable storage all the same (such
>> as a large USB  harddisk). I have a few questions :
>> 1. Is this a wise choice given the constraints (I cannot add any more
>> machines  to this cell, at least right now) ?
>> 2. Depending on your opinion on 1, how should I migrate the backup
>> volume,  nothing else, to the new location ?
> You cannot "migrate" backup volumes to storage other than where the 
> corresponding read/write volume resides.  An AFS backup volume is a 
> read-only, copy-on-write snapshot of its parent; it is intended to 
> allow users to recover from unintended changes without administrator 
> intervention (if they notice soon enough), and to provide something 
> you can take offline long enough to dump it without causing a 
> significant service outage.
> For disaster recovery, you will need to perform regular volume dumps 
> to separate media such as disk or tape, using 'vos dump', the built-in 
> backup system, or one of several third-party packages which are 
> available for this purpose.
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