[OpenAFS] unable to restore incrimental from backup file

Andrew Bacchi bacchi@rpi.edu
Mon, 30 Jan 2006 09:13:34 -0500

I'll bump this up for the morning crowd.  The platform I'm testing is 
Linux/OAFS-1.2.13.  Currently we back up to TSM tape from an AIX 
system.  This is not possible to do using Linux, the alternative is to 
back up to disk, then to tape using the TSM client.

Does anyone have any experience with the incrementals not being applied 
to a level 0 restore?  Thanks.

Andrew Bacchi wrote:

>I've been trying to do this all day, and I'm not getting anywhere.
>I'm testing a volume restore from a set of backup files.
>/backup/spring06/L0/AGBvol  is the level 0 file containing 1.3Gb.
>/backup/spring06/Wk1/Wed/AGB.Wk1.Wed is the level 1 file that contains
>only 36Mb.
>The command I'm using is:
>backup> volrest afsfs8 g user.52114 .rst 01/27/2006+12:30 -port 501 502
>backup> Restore volume user.52114.backup (ID 537317129) from tape
>agbtest.spring.1 (1138307033), position 1 as user.52114.rst.
>Restore volume user.52114.backup (ID 537317129) from tape agbtest.Wed.1
>(1138381267), position 1 as user.52114.rst.
>So it's looking to both bu files for data to restore.  But, it's only
>restoring the Level 0 volume and stopping without applying the Level 1
>Readlabel shows the same file size on each port offset, which is also
>backup> readlabel 501
>Tape read was labelled : agbtest.spring.1 (1138307033) size : 104857600
>backup> readlabel 502
>Tape read was labelled : agbtest.Wed.1 (1138381267) size : 104857600
>I've temporarily mounted the restored volume and compared it to the live
>volume, and the additional data is missing.
>tapeconfig looks like this:
>100G 0 /backup/spring06/L0/AGBvol 501
>100G 0 /backup/spring06/Wk1/Wed/AGB.Wk1.Wed 502
>The CFG files look like this:
>Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

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