[OpenAFS] Something like $HOME in afs?

Douglas E. Engert deengert@anl.gov
Tue, 31 Jan 2006 15:13:53 -0600

Paul Johnson wrote:

> We are running openafs 1.4.0 with Linux clients.
> I want to script a process for shutdown time so that the dot files
> from the Linux $HOME directory are copied to the user's openafs space.
>  But I can't figure how to ask openafs "where is that user's space?".

Sounds dangerous. Usually a user update their .dot files at their own
discretion. But you are going to update them when a sysadmin shuts down
a machine? A user on another machine might get surprised.

I assume you copied them from AFS to the local machine at some time,
how did you find them?

You could have local convention that there is a symlink in the user's
"Linux" $HOME" directory pointing to their "openafs space".

> Why this is a problem:
> Our open afs system has users created in subgroups, as in
> pols616/fred
> pols616/jane
> and
> pols909/bill
> pols909/jaime
> Users authenticate and they can find these things under
> /afs/ku.edu/usr/pols.  If everybody were under the same directory, it
> would be easy.
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