[OpenAFS] Re: figuring out why a volume is "busy"

Adam Megacz megacz@cs.berkeley.edu
Sun, 23 Jul 2006 14:09:22 -0700

Derrick J Brashear <shadow@dementia.org> writes:
>> $ vos dump root.goliath.work -file root.goliath.work.dump -cell megacz.com
>>  Could not start transaction on the volume 536870950 to be dumped
>>    VOLSER: volume is busy
>>  VOLSER: volume is busy

> vos status is your fiend.

Hey thanks.  If I see a transaction, and I know that transaction was a
"vos dump" whose pid has been killed on the host that was running it,
how do I convince the volserver that the transaction has been aborted?

   Total transactions: 1
   transaction: 20  created: Sun Jul 23 14:07:53 2006
   attachFlags:  busy 
   volume: 536870950  partition: /vicepa  procedure: Dump
   packetRead: 2  lastReceiveTime: 1153688874  packetSend: 51  lastSendTime: 1153688874

  - a

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