[OpenAFS] "VL_RegisterAddrs rpc failed"

Ken Aaker kenaaker@silverbacksystems.com
Fri, 28 Jul 2006 10:56:46 -0500

I just went through something like this last weekend, on my home set up.

The problem came up after I'd switched from a DHCP setup to a static
address on one server.
The hostname was the same as far as I could tell, and the IP address was
the same.

When I restarted the other two servers with a bos restart -all, the
problem went away.

Ken Aaker

Ty Sarna wrote:
> I recently changed some IPs on my (only) AFS server, 1.4.1 on NetBSD. 
> Now FileLog contains:
> Fri Jul 28 10:43:37 2006 VL_RegisterAddrs rpc failed; The IP address
> exists on a different server; repair it
> Fri Jul 28 10:43:37 2006 VL_RegisterAddrs rpc failed; See VLLog for details
> VLLog never contains anything relevant, just:
> Fri Jul 28 10:18:37 2006 Using as my primary address
> Fri Jul 28 10:18:37 2006 Starting AFS vlserver 4
> (/usr/afs/libexec/openafs/vlserver)
> Google turned up other cases of what sounds similar, but no concrete
> advice on how to repair it.
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