[OpenAFS] Server down, other server ready to serve its data: vos delentry question

Esther Filderman mizmoose@gmail.com
Mon, 31 Jul 2006 18:21:10 -0400

> Questions:
> I can't easily test these.
> Obviously a 'vos syncvldb up' needs to happen at some point.
> 1.  Is it necessary (and wise) to use 'vos delentry -server
>      downserver' beforehand to avoid VLDB issues?
> 2.  OR... will 'vos syncvldb downserver' then 'vos syncvldb
>      up' cause the dead VLDB entries to clear out due to the
>      server being inaccessible?

Our servers are designed just to do this -- be able to mount the disks
from one onto another server if a physical machine fails.

Easiest way to handle this is - move the disks but then RESTART THE
SERVER without them.  Then do a syncvldb.

If you don't have the "down" server running when you do the sync, it
will try to contact the old server, say, "Well I can't confirm with
the old server, you lose."

The other way to do this -- what I've done in disasters -- is move the
disks and then use "vos changeloc" to tell the vldb the volumes have