[OpenAFS] OpenAFS and Veritas (Symantec) NetBackup Support

Matthew Hoskins matt@njit.edu
Mon, 01 May 2006 16:17:19 -0400

All, We use Veritas NetBackup 5.0 to back up all our AFS volumes. This 
encompasses, 9 fileservers across two cells, ~18,000 user volumes, 
~22,000 RW volumes.  Our netbackup library contains just over 4,000 
cartridges.   NetBackup provides an AFS specific mode that backs up AFS 
volumes in vos dump format.   It has worked very well for us.

During a routine netbackup support incident i was informed that 
NetBackup 5.0 will be the last client version to include AFS support.  
(You can continue to use 5.0 NB clients /w 6.0 NB servers, but not 
beyond)  This came as somewhat of a surprise to us since there was no 
EOL notification, at least none sent to this site.   In fact the only 
notification the support representative could point me to was a small 
paragraph in the appendix of the NetBackup 6.0 manual.   

For some of our volumes we use my "afsdump" utility (previously posted 
on this list) to dump volumes to disk, then backup to tape via regular 
NetBackup.  We could extend this solution or use one of the other 
solutions available.

Do any other sites on this list use NetBackup AFS support?  

The main problem here is the lack of notification.  Change is a fact of 
life, and there are many ways to get AFS volumes onto tape.  Im sure we 
can come up with a good one.  If this has taken anyone else by surprise, 
please let us know.