[OpenAFS] cannot compile openafs on amd opteron

Jean-Paul Le Fèvre jean-paul.lefevre@cea.fr
Wed, 3 May 2006 18:11:52 +0200


I'm unable to compile openafs on my new AMD Opteron server ...

I'm running :
Linux dappcj103 #9 Wed May 3 15:10:01 CEST 2006 i686 unknown unknown 

I've configured openafs with :
./configure --prefix=/opt/afs --with-afs-sysname=amd64_linux26 

After hours of googling "code model `kernel' not supported" I'm still stuck.
The problem is the same with openafs 1.4.1.

Help would be appreciated.

Here is the trace :

Building in directory: MODLOAD-
make[4]: Entering directory 
Makefile.common:51: warning: overriding commands for target `.c.o'
/usr/src/openafs-1.5.1/src/config/Makefile.config:134: warning: ignoring old 
commands for target `.c.o'
env EXTRA_CFLAGS="" /usr/src/openafs-1.5.1/src/libafs/make_kbuild_makefile.pl 
libafs.ko /usr/src/openafs-1.5.1/src/config/Makefile.config Makefile.afs 
env EXTRA_CFLAGS="" make -C /usr/src/linux 
M=/usr/src/openafs-1.5.1/src/libafs/MODLOAD- modules
make[5]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-'
  CC [M]  /usr/src/openafs-1.5.1/src/libafs/MODLOAD-

cc1: error: code model `kernel' not supported in the 32 bit mode

make[6]: *** 
[/usr/src/openafs-1.5.1/src/libafs/MODLOAD-] Error 
make[5]: *** [_module_/usr/src/openafs-1.5.1/src/libafs/MODLOAD-] 
Error 2


Jean-Paul Le Fèvre  * Mail : LeFevre@fonteny.org