[OpenAFS] multiple afs client, or have two caches

ted leslie tleslie@tcn.net
Thu, 11 May 2006 06:19:08 -0400

i'd like to take advantage of the afs caching for added performance,
is it possible to have two seperate caches?
that is, i know there will be a common set of files
used over and over again, that really should remain in RAM cache
all the time, but other large files may also be cached and
wipe out the other ones that i'd like to always have cached.
One way I can fix this , is if i could have two afs clients on the same workstation,
one that has access to the afs that have the very popular files,
and other that has access to the infrequent, but large files that otherwise would
spoil the cache. Can one have two seperate afs clients running on a workstation?

Another sol'n might be , to be able to control what is and isn't cachable ?

any ideas/thought/sol'n would be appreciated.