[OpenAFS] AFS backups and TSM

John Hascall john@iastate.edu
Fri, 12 May 2006 13:16:29 CDT

> We're currently using some (mostly) homebrew scripts to back up our
> cell and write backup data to three DLT drives.  Our cell has about 50000
> RW volumes and currently uses about 3/4 Tb of disk space.  I keep
> (roughly speaking) daily backups for about a month, and monthly backups
> for at least a year.  Unfortunately, a full takes me a few days to
> complete, which is, um, not optimal.  


We've recently switched from that method to using a tape robot
and a package called TiBS from Teradacyly (www.teradactyl)
to backup our AFS Cell (~ 75 Kvols / 11 TBs) as well as
our Windows, Novell, and standalone Unix boxes.

A very nice feature of TiBS is that you only need to do 1
full backup -- then you can have it occasionally locally
build a new full from incrementals.