[OpenAFS] PAM and aklog revisit

Douglas E. Engert deengert@anl.gov
Fri, 19 May 2006 15:22:16 -0500

Juha J=E4ykk=E4 wrote:

>>Let me point out one of the features of the pam_afs2. It has no Kerbero=
>>See ftp://achilles.ctd.anl.gov/pub/DEE/pam_afs2-0.1.tar
> Just a short end-admin testimonial: pam_afs2 is the only thing I have
> seen that Just Works. Everything else mostly works, but has either
> problems with this or that - usually ssh/gssapi and/or AFS tokens.
> Cheers,
> Juha
> P.S. Russ, Doug, my offer to package pam_afs2 for Debian still stands i=
> you have more pressing matters to attend to.

I would rather not see it as a seperate package, but rather part of OpenA=
The way it gets the PAG needs some clean up. Currently the code has
specific syscall information for known systems. It should get this from
an OpenAFS build so as new systems or changes to existing systems are
picked up.



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