[OpenAFS] Ticket length error on Mac OSX 10.4.x

Larry Cashdollar lcashdol@gmail.com
Thu, 25 May 2006 13:39:27 -0400

        I currently have a working AFS Cell that authenticates to
windows 2003 ad server.  I am working on getting a MacOSX 10.4.x
client setup to use the afs cell.  So far everything is working
properly, I can get a ticket and token but when I attempt to write to
my afs volume I get:

afs: Tokens for user of AFS id 21588 for cell corp.vapidlabs.com are
discarded (rxkad error=19270403)

Which maps to RXKADTICKETLEN    Ticket length too long or too short.

I noticed on my working linux client that the ticket is valid for a 12
hour period, and on my failing mac client the ticket is only valid for
an 8 hour period.  is this the ticket length issue that error is
referring to?

working host:
larry@Mathom:~/afs$ klist;tokens
Ticket cache: FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_21588_D9FAGc
Default principal: larry@CORP.VAPIDLABS.COM

Valid starting     Expires            Service principal
05/25/06 13:13:04  05/25/06 23:13:04
        renew until 05/25/06 23:13:04
05/25/06 13:13:07  05/25/06 23:13:04  afs@CORP.VAPIDLABS.COM
        renew until 05/25/06 23:13:04

Kerberos 4 ticket cache: /tmp/tkt21588
klist: You have no tickets cached

Tokens held by the Cache Manager:

User's (AFS ID 21588) tokens for afs@corp.vapidlabs.com [Expires May 25 23:13]
   --End of list--

MacOSX Host:

dhcp-56-22:/afs/corp.vapidlabs.com/user/larry root# klist
Kerberos 5 ticket cache: 'API:Initial default ccache'
Default principal: larry@CORP.VAPIDLABS.COM

Valid Starting     Expires            Service Principal
05/25/06 13:12:21  05/25/06 19:52:21
        renew until 05/25/06 23:12:21
05/25/06 13:12:22  05/25/06 19:52:21  afs@CORP.VAPIDLABS.COM
        renew until 05/25/06 23:12:21

klist: No Kerberos 4 tickets in credentials cache
dhcp-56-22:/afs/corp.vapidlabs.com/user/larry root# tokens

Tokens held by the Cache Manager:

User's (AFS ID 21588) tokens for afs@corp.vapidlabs.com [Expires May 25 19:44]
   --End of list--

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- larry