[OpenAFS] AFS related problem with firefox

Juha Jäykkä juolja@utu.fi
Thu, 25 May 2006 22:50:55 +0300

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> No, actually, it's "if you want to run old servers, have fun"

Ok. I am now moving to 1.4.1 clients, but the servers need a little more
care. Is the procedure as simple as one would wish:=20
1) shut down *one* server (file or db)
2) install new version on it
3) restart
4) repeat steps 1-3 for every server, one at a time?

If it's as simple as that and there is guaranteed (sic!) to be no data
loss, I'll take that path probably even before the new server arrives.

> Good that your problem here is not AFS, though.

Definitely not. Now that I started suspecting the network hardware, I
tested it. Pinging the machine with packets > 5000 bytes result in 99%
packet loss. Definitely a hw issue - must be hw, since we have several
identical machines with identical hw, so the OS part of the network must
be fine. Broken NIC, I'd think.


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