[OpenAFS] Server connection speed differences

Mr Budzynowski budzynowski@hotmail.com
Sun, 5 Nov 2006 13:29:27 +1100

How and when does the cache manager assign ranks to file servers?

Specifically, does it take the connection speed into account?

For instance, if an afs cell were to be split across two sites and connecte=
d via the internet (by a VPN, say), would clients preferentially take volum=
es from servers on the local network because their files can be retrieved f=

Obviously the default ranks could be manually overridden; but when automati=
cally assigning ranks is connection speed be taken into account? Also do th=
e ranks get automatically adjusted over time or do they stay once they've b=
een set?

I guess what I'm really asking is whether, if some servers are connected vi=
a a slower line but still fully functional, one would need to make manual a=
djustments to the rankings, or would the cache manager automatically work i=
t out?

On a related note, when a RW volume is released, can the RO copies get it o=
ff each other? (For instance, RW copy at one site and two RO copies at the =
other site- could RW copy changes to one RO, which then copies to the other=
? Or must each RO copy come directly from the RW volume?)


A. Budzynowski
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