[OpenAFS] pam worries debian etch and KDE 3.5.x

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen@acm.org
Thu, 9 Nov 2006 09:00:38 -0600

Lars Schimmer <l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at> wrote:
> I tried to setup pam access to obtain tokens/ticket automatic on my
> freh installed etch-testbox.
> OpenAFS 1.4.2, krb5 and libpam-krb5 and libpam-openafs-session.
> With debian sarge and kdm and kde 3.3.x I got a ticket while logging
> in via ssh and via kdm to kde.

Here are some PAM config files for Ubuntu 6.06.  They should be 
generally compatible with etch:

We use gdm, so I can't say that it works with kdm.

I can provide an sshd_config and ssh_config as well if you need it.

Christopher D. Clausen